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4.0.2 Unicast Path Lookup

Request Parameters

  • parameters [mandatory] - A nested JSON data structure with keys

  • type [mandatory] - A quoted string with a value of pathLookup for an E2E path simulation output

  • pathLookupType [mandatory] - A quoted string containing the word unicast or multicast depending which type of path simulation you're wanting to execute

  • protocol [mandatory] - A quoted string with a value of tcp, udp, icmp

  • vrf [optional] - A quoted string containing the VRF identifier required

  • flags [optional] - an array of TCP flags to be set in the simulated path

  • startingPoint [mandatory] - A quoted string containing the source IP address

  • startingPort [mandatory] - An integer representing the source port

  • destinationPoint [mandatory] - A quoted string containing the destination IP address

  • destinationPort [mandatory] - An integer representing the destination port

  • groupBy [mandatory] - A quoted string representing the grouping of devices in the output - at this time one of siteName, routingDomain or stpDomain

  • networkMode [mandatory] - A boolean - the new version of IP Fabric allows you to simulate paths between subnets. Setting this key to true means that you will create a single result representing the subnets; false means that IP Fabric will create a separate path for each source or destination in the range of addresses up to a maximum of 255.

  • securedPath [mandatory] - A boolean - when you run a path simulation, you can tell IP Fabric if you want to stop when it hits a security policy which blocks the traffic in question (true) or complete the forwarding path and simply highlight the policy enforcement point (false)


    "snapshot": "$last",
    "parameters": {
        "type": "pathLookup",
        "pathLookupType": "unicast",
        "protocol": "tcp",
        "startingPoint": "",
        "startingPort": 10000,
        "destinationPoint": "",
        "destinationPort": 80,
        "groupBy": "siteName",
        "networkMode": false,
        "securedPath": false