Version 2.0.0

  • Riverbed Steelhead
  • HP Comware 5 and Comware 7
System BugFixes
  • Fex parsing when description includes non-alphanumeric characters
  • OS Versions VDC fix (only chassis are included)
  • STP parsing logic fix
  • Duplicit IP not reported for /30-32 networks
  • Fixed telnet negotiation
  • Combined Discovery & Analysis
  • Network Change Management
  • New diagrams
  • New central API
  • Added IP telephony
  • Added QoS
  • Added PoE
  • Added StackWise
  • Added routing protocols summary table
  • Added Interfaces - Transceivers
  • Added Interfaces Rate (inbound, outbound, biderectional) tables
  • Added Spanning Tree - Incosistencies table
  • Added Wireless controllers, access points, clients tables
  • Added End of life reports for 3COM, HP Enterprise, ProCurve, Riverbed + Cisco reports updated
  • Better TACACS controls
  • FEX-FABRIC portchannel type
  • Export encrypted techsupport file
  • Jumphost support
  • Connectivity matrix based on protocol direction
  • Access List - new filter for source & destination port (searching in port range, filter values can be seperated by “,”)
  • Tables improvements (Automatic calculation of rows per page, Table rows size, Sticky first column, better pagination design)
  • User management including roles
  • Option to create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
  • CLI authentication records importance can be changed by drag & drop, the upper record will be use first.
  • Search - user can simply find related page using search
  • User with settings privileges can clear DB


Version 1.0.6

System BugFixes
  • Added firewall rule for syslog 514/UDP​
  • Debugging tool fixes
  • Added db parameter tuning (THP disabled)

Version 1.0.5

  • Cisco SG300
  • ACL table - intelligent port filter
  • Site report - inventory description column added
  • IOS route leaking parsing
  • VPC info was not collected
  • Risk graph EoX and reload now based on traffic impact
  • NX-OS ACL matches statement fix
  • /32 routes to discovery
  • NX-OS error disabled parsing
  • Bridge-groups stp parsing
  • C890 wlan interface parsing

Version 1.0.4

System Features
  • added update script
  • Added automatic HTTPS redirect
System BugFixes
  • Debugging tools fixes

Version 1.0.3

  • Added calculation of affected users on L3 paths
  • Dashboard capacity and performance tables improvement
  • Routing graph mesh to cloud
  • Affected users calculation in partially discovered network fix
System Features
  • Improved MOTD for “nimpee” troubleshooting user
  • HTTPS access.
  • HTTPS certificate wizard is now part of initial configuration
  • Image hardening
  • network configuration wizard automatically pre-fill current values (for example current hostname or domain name)
  • Remote support SSL VPN
System BugFixes
  • Simplified bandwidth management
  • Added ability to rerun initial boot wizard
  • User configured BW limit is still in place after reboot
  • DNS are now properly configured in case of static IP address
  • NTP configuration was not properly applied

Version 1.0.2

  • Continuous analysis log overflow fix
  • Improved systemd process control

Version 1.0.1

  • Periodic run of Analysis
  • L3 affected users on L2 path
  • L3 Uplink calculation
Protocol support
  • Mac address collection now supports static entries
UI improvements
  • Mac table now includes edge port flag, vlan and source (dynamic/static) columns
  • Risk radar chart calculation for routing stability fix
  • Cache for analyze API routes
  • L2 affected users network mac addresses removed

Version 1.0.0

UI improvements
  • IP-aware lookups
  • Lookup IP via VLSM prefix
  • Lookup Route via single IP
  • Faster tables, table filtering
  • Case insensitive search
  • Regex filtering support
  • Rearranged menu as L1/L2/L3 items
  • Routing domain diagrams
  • End to End Path lookup diagram
  • added vrf support
  • added RPF
  • added neighboring domains
  • Site uplink calculation
  • Table sorting by severity (color)
  • Added human readability
  • Transfer rates: added Mcast/bcast/packets and overall loss impact to trsnsfer rates
Protocols and technology support
  • Routing
  • Routing domain overview
  • ACL
  • Added ACL support
  • Added IP ACL interface table
  • Added Reflexive ACL support
  • FEX support
  • Users connected to FEX are displayed on the diagrams
  • vPC support
  • ARP
  • Added ARP state table
  • Added ARP VRF Support
  • Added Proxy ARP Support
  • MAC
  • Added MAC state table
  • Added CDP/LLDP neighborship tables
Management and technical visibility
  • Added connectivity matrix
  • Added syslog target
  • Lookup and filter by message, mnemonic, system time, sequence number
  • Added Configuration management
  • Sanitization of configurations
  • Configuration comparison
  • Improved Low Level Design document export
  • Added connectivity matrix, OS versions, CDP/LLDP neighbors
Enterprise features
  • Added integtated support
  • Configurable site boundary detection
  • Configurable operational scope
  • Added first boot wizzard
  • Added Automated error reporting
  • Added Licensing