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Plugin Installation Instructions


  • Ensure you have NetBox version 3.5.0 or higher installed.

Installation Steps

  1. Install the plugin:

    The plugin is available as a Python package on PyPI, and you can install it using pip:

    pip install ipfabric_netbox
  2. Ensure automatic re-installation:

    To make sure the plugin is automatically reinstalled during future upgrades, follow these steps:

  3. Enable the plugin:

    After installing the plugin, you need to enable it in the NetBox configuration file (

    • Open and locate the PLUGINS list.
    • Add 'ipfabric_netbox' to the PLUGINS list as shown below:

      PLUGINS = ['ipfabric_netbox']
  4. Run the upgrade script:

    To apply the changes, run the NetBox upgrade script. You can use the following command:

    sudo /opt/netbox/
  5. Restart services (if necessary):

    After running the upgrade script, you may need to restart services:

    sudo systemctl restart netbox netbox-rq

    For more details on restarting services, refer to the documentation.

These steps will ensure the successful installation and activation of the plugin within your NetBox environment.

Transform Map Installation

If you would like to install our default transform maps, see the documentation.