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How to trigger manual configuration backup just one device

If you added a new device into your network and the backup job didn’t run yet, you can trigger config backup through API with programs like Postman or tool of your choosing.


For ease of explanation, this example will use Postman

  1. Open Postman, select API and click on NEW then select HTTP Request

    postman1 postman2

  2. Select POST and put in the this URL:


    • put in your-ipfabirc-address and change vX.X to the version you’re currently have installed (e.g. v6.0)


  3. Select Headers and put X-API-Token in Key field and your API Token generated in Settings → API Tokens to the Value field.


    API Token

    If you don’t have an API Token generated, you can generate one in Settings → API Tokens:


  4. Select Body then select raw then in dropdown menu select JSON format:


    • Put the following string in the textbox:
        "ip": "device_login_IP"
  5. Connect to your machine via ssh and put in following command:

    tail -f /var/log/nimpee/discovery/syslogWorker/all.txt
  6. Hit the Send button, if the call was successful you should see the response 200 OK:



    If you can see anything else in response than 200 OK there’s something wrong (e.g. expired or wrong API Token).

  7. Go back to your ssh session, you should see a following message confirming the config management was triggered for the particular device:


  8. Go to the IP Fabric GUI and into Inventory → Devices and search for the device IP address you get device hostname, copy the device hostname to clipboard


  9. Go to the Management → Configuration and paste the device hostname to the hostname table and compare the time with the syslog message from point 7.