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Update Network Config

To change the IP Address, Subnet, Gateway, NTP, DNS, or Proxy configuration of your IP Fabric VM from the CLI, please do the following:

  1. ssh to the IP Fabric appliance as the osadmin user

  2. Execute command nimpee-net-config -n to launch network configuration wizard.


    To keep current configuration for any item highlight OK and press enter.

  3. First options are to modify the hostname and DNS domain name (detailed docs at Update hostname or domain name).

  4. Next select DHCP or Static IP Address Assignment. (Use the up/down arrow and space bar to change () to (*))


  5. If you selected Static IP Address Assignment then enter

    • IP Address
    • Netmask
    • Gateway
    • Primary DNS
    • Secondary DNS


  6. Update NTP servers using comma separated list.


  7. Select Yes to reboot the system.