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First Boot Wizard

The First Boot Wizard starts when IP Fabric is run for the first time and configures system options. The wizard can also be re-run later from the cli to modify basic system parameters. Documentation can be found at System ‘Boot Wizard’.

  1. Assign hostname.
  2. Assign domain name.
  3. Choose IP address acquisition method.
  4. If a static method is used, configure IP address, netmask, default GW, and DNS servers.
  5. Configure NTP servers or just click OK to continue if not using NTP.
  6. Select time zone.
  7. Configure Internet Proxy if used.
  8. Set shell user password of osadmin user. The password is used to access the IP Fabric administrative interface and system shell (not for the GUI access, the GUI is accessible with the admin username by default, for more information, please, read: Access User Interface and Install License and also for encrypting system backups.
  9. Optionally define organization parameters for the local SSL certificate.
  10. After rebooting, the console login screen will display the assigned IP address of the system and provide a link to access the user interface.


Remember password from step 8! IP Fabric support engineers are able to reset osadminuser passwords but encrypted backups will be lost!


A trusted certificate can replace a self-signed SSL certificate using IP Fabric web UI. Please see IP Fabric Web Certificate