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IP Fabric Version: All

Known Affected platforms: Arista EOS, Platform 7280sr3, Version 4.26.4M

Description: The command show spanning-tree vlan detail stops when it hits a VLAN that is configured on the device but is not assigned to any ports (exception is the default VLAN 1). This has been seen when running rapid-pvst spanning-tree but could possibly affect other versions.


arista#show vlan
VLAN  Name                             Status    Ports
----- -------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------
1     default                          active
2     BAD_VLAN                         active
5     GOOD_VLAN                        active    Et1, Et2
arista#sho span vlan det
Spanning tree instance for vlan 1
 VL1 is executing the rapid-pvst Spanning Tree protocol
  Bridge Identifier has priority 4096, sysid 1, address 0000.0000.0000
  Configured hello time 2.000, max age 20, forward delay 15, transmit hold-count 6
  We are the root of the spanning tree

No spanning tree information available for vlan 2

Result: Incomplete IP Fabric Path Lookups.

Temporary Fix: Remove the unused VLAN from the configuration using the no vlan # command.

Permanent Fix: Unknown. Waiting for response from Arista.