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Update osadmin password

  1. Login to your IP Fabric via SSH with the osadmin user and run the nimpee-net-config -t command to launch the configuration wizard.


  2. Select Yes to proceed.


    Changing the osadmin password will affect: CLI access, System administration access and the backup encryption! Backups created before the password change will no longer be restorable.

  3. Input the new osadmin password twice.



    Password setup contains password complexity check, simple passwords are rejected.

    Password requirements as follows:

    • max password length is 256
    • single character class passwords are not supported
    • two character class must be at least 24 characters long
    • minimal length of passphrase is 24 characters
    • three character class must be at least 16 characters long
    • four character class must be at least 12 characters long
    • passphrase must have at least five words

    The character classes are:

    • digits
    • lower-case letters
    • upper-case letters
    • and other characters

    There is also a special class for non-ASCII characters, which could not be classified, but are assumed to be non-digits.

  4. Select Yes to reboot the system.