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IP Fabric Releases

Current release

The current major release is 6.1 please check the detailed release notes for this release.

Our release naming follows semantic versioning. Where components of the version are major.minor.patch+build:

  • major version changes if we introduce a change (typically backwards incompatible) touching APIs, deployment or key component of the platform.
  • minor version means a significant change, typically a new feature being added. These are typically backwards compatible and we also keep the promise of API compatibility.
  • patch releases are frequently a bugfix releases.
  • build is an internal version which increases with every internal build, thus can be pretty large number. It is used to distinguish between different packages.

Clearing Browser Cache

Please force refresh your browser cache after an upgrade. Depending on your operating system use the following key combination in your browser window:

  • Windows: CTRL + F5
  • Mac/Apple: Apple + R or ⌘ + R
  • Linux: CTRL + F5