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  • Route leak defined by reference to another VRF is not supported. Route leak with the policy is supported.

Known Affected platforms: Juniper SRX300

Description: show ethernet-switching interface detail can cause infinite loop output


Version 3.1.1 and earlier.

  • Endless command execution can cause device control plane overutilization issues that might also affect other control plane protocol operations (e.g. BFD). Further, it increases the time of IPF device/network discovery and can result in not discovering the device and gathering information from it.
  • We recommend removing such devices from the scope of IPF discovery (putting these devices to discovery exclude list).

Version 3.1.2 and above

  • Command ‘show ethernet-switching interfaces detail’ is no longer used and was substituted by other commands including ‘show ethernet-switching interfaces’. Further ‘show ethernet-switching interfaces’ command is only executed on devices discovered as EX or QFX switches.

Known Affected platforms: SRX, MX

Description: show ntp associations no-resolve command timeouts


Known Affected platforms: ALL - valid for version 3.1.1 and earlier

Description: The platform doesn't discover Juniper devices with the 'root' login. The 'root' enters the shell prompt (%) and not the operational mode directly.


Version 3.1.1 and earlier - the 'root' login cannot be used for discovery.

Version 3.1.2 and above - the 'root' login may be used for discovery.

Known Affected platforms: ALL

Description: The Link-Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) links are not displayed in diagrams.

Result: To display LLDP links in diagrams correctly, the IP address of the neighbor has to be present in 'shot lldp neighbor interface xx-x/x/x' command. The IP address is present only when configured with the 'set lldp management-address xx.xx.xx.xx' command in the configuration mode. More at:

Known Affected platforms: ALL

Description: Information gathered from running-config doesn't reflect apply-groups.

Result: Some information gathered from running-config can be missing. It affect all tasks using running config - for example firewall filters, snmp, syslog.
More at:

Known Affected platforms: All

Description: fw ctl pstat command requires admin rights

Result: Without this command collected no memory utilization will be present

Discovery of Security Policies

  • Wildcard & Dynamic objects and negated services are not supported
  • Settings > Advanced > Vendor API: In case that base URL points to a multi-domain server address, domains have to be specified