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The Addressing section provides information about every IP address on every managed network infrastructure device.

  • ARP Table: Contains the ARP table from all discovered devices.
  • MAC Table: Contains the MAC address table from all discovered devices.
  • Managed IP: List of all interfaces configured with an IP address from all discovered devices.
  • Managed duplicate IP: Summary of the Managed IP table, where duplicate IP addresses are displayed.
  • NAT: Contains NAT information from the supported devices.
  • IPv6 Neighbor discovery: List of the IPv6 neighbors.

Addressing in Technology menu


The NAT sub-section contains information about NAT policies and rules configured on a device. Currently, only IPv4 NAT is supported – in the NAT44 table.

NAT44 table

A graphical representation (as shown below) of the policy chain can be accessed by clicking a Policy Name or Sequence (rule sequence number).

natPostRouting chain on Forcepoint


NAT policies collection for Cisco Firepower 7000 & 8000 Series devices is not supported. To learn more about this limitation, see Known Issues.