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Technical Support

IP Fabric strives to ensure that the power of our Automated Network Assurance Platform is simple to access for every user.

We want to make sure you find it simple to use and get the results you are looking for, and that you have the support you need to achieve that.

The IP Fabric license entitles every paying customer to full customer support so in case of any issue, please contact our Support team at

IP Fabric Help Center

This is the support portal from which you can contact our Support team in case of any issue with IP Fabric.

IP Fabric Help Center

Technical Support Technical Support

Select this option when you are having problems with installation, upgrade, backup, configuring, or technical use of the IP Fabric product.

Bug Report a Bug

If you feel that the product is not behaving as it should, please select this option to inform us about the issues you are experiencing.

In either case, once you have raised a support ticket, you may be asked to generate a techsupport file and upload it via This will be used by the Support team to recreate your issue and speed diagnosis of any issue.


If your IP Fabric instance has permissions to connect directly to the internet (specifically to remote port 443/tcp), you can send our development team any diagnostic data related to parsing errors that may have occurred during your network discovery.

Allowlisting FQDNs

In your firewall, please allowlist FQDNs instead of IP addresses, as IP addresses are subject to change.

To send that diagnostic data to the IP Fabric team, select Send Diagnostics in the product’s Support menu:


and click Send:

Parsing Errors

(the Parsing errors option should be selected by default)


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