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Scanner settings

The Scanner intelligently scans the parts of the network which are not reachable using standard methods by testing the login (SSH/Telnet) to each IP address from IP networks without any discovered device.

In other words, the Scanner takes each unique route for which there is no CONNECTED router and attempts to log in to each IP address by first logging in to first unicast address of a subnet, then last address, split the subnet in half and continue the process accordingly (excluding the already attempted addresses).

For example, if after standard intelligent discovery, there is a network in a routing table which does not belong to any of the interfaces discovered, the scanner will attempt to log in to, then to, then to, then to, and so on, until all of the addresses in the network have been attempted.
Turn on the Scanner to increase the number of discovered devices.

Go to Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Discovery Settings → Discovery → Scanner settings and turn on the Use scanner in discovery switch.

Shortest mask of the network to scan - defines maximum size of the networks in a routing table to be scanned. A smaller prefix length means a larger network and therefore a longer scan time. The minimum prefix length size is /16.