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NetBox API

Currently, in v1.0.0, we have only implemented the read-only endpoints. Writable API endpoints will be added in the future.

Errors and Warnings

Branch Timeout Error

If you get the error message Branch Failed: Task exceeded maximum timeout value (300 seconds), it is due to the default timeout value for the background task being exceeded. This can be resolved by increasing the timeout value for the background task. This can be done by setting the RQ_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT value in the NetBox file. The default value is 300 seconds.


If you get the error message CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED, it is due to the certificate not being trusted. This can be resolved by setting the Verify field to false when creating the source. This will disable the validation of the certificate. Currently, there is no way to validate custom certificates; we are working on that, but disabling the validation is a temporary way to get around this issue.

VLAN Name Too Long

If you encounter the error message value too long for the type character varying(64), it means that the string you are using is longer than the maximum value allowed by NetBox. This can occur when the vlanName contains more than 64 characters. The error message will display the name of the transform map. You can edit it and restrict the input to the necessary number of characters using {{ object.vlanName[:64] }}.