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  • Diagram displays device, which is not connected to anything. The situation appears when site separation prevents displaying the device on the other end. To show connection to a device, click Show Edge Cloud
  • Diagrams drill-down missing. Current diagrams offer a vast amount of information, which is not available through drill-downs. More drill-down capabilities are planned for future releases.
  • TACACS may be limited to the specific maximum number of simultaneous authentication sessions, preventing discovery of all of the devices in the network. If fewer than expected number of devices are discovered, decrease bandwidth rate (like to 3Mb/s), increase SSH/TELNET session timeout (for example to 30 seconds), and decrease the maximum number of simultaneous sessions (like 40).
  • Inter-platform spanning-tree topology enumeration requires L2 discovery protocol to form a connection when port_id.port_priority.port_id field separation boundary is in inconsistent position between the two platforms.
  • Site separation - Changing “Firewall in site” and new discovery/recalculation can change site names.


  • When Discovery is stopped mid-way, and then Refresh is executed, the refresh does not consider IPs with status “STOP” for the next discovery
  • Resource check for sufficient RAM and HDD uses a sliding window. Creating a new snapshot immediately after the previous one may result in an “insufficient resources” failure. In such a case, verify resources on the status page and retry in several minutes.

Duplicate IP detection

  • Anycast IP addresses are reported as duplicate addresses.