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Device Attributes

Version 4.3 has added the ability to add attributes to a device based on the IP Fabric Unique Serial Number. In versions earlier than 6.0.0 this only supported manually changing a Device’s Site Name, Routing Domain, or STP Domain. IP Fabric now supports adding custom attributes. The attribute name may not contain any spaces or special characters.

Attribute Requirements


Attribute names must match the following regex ^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_]*[a-zA-Z0-9]+$. Underscore _ is valid and will later be used to denote Hierarchical Attributes (i.e. REGION_COUNTRY).

Global Attributes

Attributes can be assigned globally or locally to an individual snapshot. To assign global attributes, navigate to Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Global Configuration → Device Attributes. Once an attribute is assigned a new snapshot is required for it to be applied.

Device attributes

  • Serial Number is IP Fabric’s Unique Serial Number (API column sn); this is not the column Serial Number which represents the Hardware SN (API column snHw)

    • Devices discovered via API can also be assigned using Device Attributes.
  • Hostname is populated by IP Fabric when a device matching the Serial Number is found
  • Attribute is the Device Attribute to assign.
  • Value is the attribute’s value to assign.

Creating rules in the UI

To create rules in the UI, click + Add attribute. A form will be shown to be filled out:

Device attributes rules

The dropdown is intuitive and will let you search based on SN or hostname.


Currently, there is an issue where IP Fabric will not search for devices discovered via an API in the UI. Even though it seems that no device matches the SN, the attribute will still be assigned to the device.

Device attributes dropdown

Creating rules via the API

This is the preferred method of creating rules as it allows for bulk importing.

Method Put
URL https://<IPF_URL>/api/v6.0/attributes/global
Data {"attributes": [{"sn": "<IPF SERIAL NUMBER>", "value": "<ATTRIBUTE NAME>", "name": "<ATTRIBUTE VALUE>"}]}

Creating Global Attributes in Python

Please see the examples at examples/settings/ and examples/settings/

Local Attributes

Local or ‘Snapshot Specific’ Attributes are applied during discovery and stored in the snapshot file separate from the Global Settings. Currently, you are able to:

  • Update from Global Settings
    • Update Settings > Discovery & Snapshots > Global Configuration > Device Attributes
    • Navigate to the Snapshot’s Settings > Device Attributes under Discovery Snapshot
    • Select Update from global settings
  • Use the API (or Python SDK) to view, add, edit the snapshot local attributes.

Editing snapshot local attributes will require recalculations if a device stpDomain, siteName, or routingDomainhas been changed.

Creating Local Attributes in Python

Please see the example at examples/settings/