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System ‘Boot Wizard’


The Boot Wizard is automatically started during the initial boot of the IP Fabric appliance and must be completed to proceed with the appliance’s deployment.

It introduces the configuration of basic network parameters, including:

  • IP Fabric’s IP address and subnet
  • DNS servers
  • Proxy server

Suppose some initial parameters need to be modified after the deployment is completed. In that case, you may re-run the Boot Wizard with the sudo nimpee-net-config command (with one or more options) in the CLI as osadmin.


To see more command options, log in to the CLI and run nimpee-net-config -h.

osadmin@ipfabric:~# nimpee-net-config -h
IP Fabric network configuration wizard.
Usage: nimpee-net-config [-a] [-n] [-p] [-s] [-t] [-b] [-h]
    -a  configure all services (network, proxy, SSL cert., osadmin user)
    -n  network
    -p  proxy
    -s  SSL certificates (web)
    -t  osadmin troubleshooting user
    -b  used for start during boot
    -h  displays basic help

This script is started automatically if "firstrun" parameter is set to "yes" in /opt/nimpee/conf.d/sys-nimpee.conf
or user "osadmin" enables it using "nimpee-net-wizard" script.

Run Full Boot Wizard

To re-run the full Boot Wizard as described in First Boot Wizard, you may use one of these options:

  • Run sudo nimpee-net-config -a
  • Change firstrun="no" in /opt/nimpee/conf.d/sys-nimpee.conf to firstrun="yes" (for example with sudo vi /opt/nimpee/conf.d/sys-nimpee.conf), and reboot.
    osadmin@ipfabric:~$ grep firstrun /opt/nimpee/conf.d/sys-nimpee.conf