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IP Fabric v4.2

4.2.0 (20th December 2021)

OVA MD5SUM: E50411AF79A1990249FA9D041809302E
OVA SHA256SUM: 8D773667434B4C27C9C199E84784312864E01C08D51DAA158B7C07C9B99BFD8F

New Vendor Support

  • Added support for HP 3Com

New Features

  • Graphs - New layout option - Radial Tree: Use this layout for tree topologies to expand outward from center.
  • New table - Technology / Management / AAA / Password Strength
  • Added timezone support - every user can set his preferred time zone and each cron job has also its own timezone settings. The logs are always in UTC.


  • Arista EOS - added support for another output format of show vrf command
  • Cisco ASA/FTD - added support for local syslog targets and fixed parsing of show logging in case there are ifNames containing special characters
  • Cisco ASA/FTD - syslog - show logging command replaced with a more efficient show logging setting
  • Fortinet FortiGate - fixed missing policies with configured profile group
  • HP ArubaCX - Add parsing of reload reason
  • HP ArubaCX - added support for parsing of interface load.
  • Juniper JunOS - added missing community string in table technology/management/snmp/trap-hosts.
  • Juniper JunOS - commands/juniper/\_junos/configurationDisplaySet - add parsing for firewall tcp-established from action


  • The users with Read privileges weren’t able to open Device Explorer
  • The path lookup form wasn’t correctly filled with data from the loaded view
  • Arista 7010t - fixed parsing of different output for command show inventory
  • Arista EOS - commands/arista/_eos/ntp - fixed parsing with different refid
  • Arista EOS - fixed parsing of default-control-plane-acl by command show ip access-lists in case it contains cvx-license port
  • Cisco ACI - fixed parsing of backbone area in show ip ospf interface vrf all
  • Cisco ASA - added support for another output format of show bgp neighbors
  • Cisco csr1000 - MPLS - added support for an additional type of show mpls forwarding-table detail command output
  • Cisco IOS - Fix parsing of interface tunnel protocol.
  • Cisco IOS-XR, NX-OS - MPLS forwarding - shortened commands sh mpl for and sh mpl switch extended to their full syntax to prevent ambiguous command error
  • Cisco IOS/IOS-XE - tasks/vrf - use show ip vrf detail if show vrf detail is not available.
  • Cisco MS - Fixed parsing of Meraki device clients.
  • F5 BIG-IP i800 - Fix parsing of NTP data.
  • Fortinet FortiGate - Fix for bad parsing of command diag hard dev nic.
  • Fortinet FortiGate - Fix parsing for command show full application list.
  • Fortinet FortiGate - fixed missing zoneFw data for geography address objects and application profile data
  • Fortinet FortiGate - fixed transceiver value parsing.
  • HP Comware - fixed parsing of display lldp neighbor-information verbose command in case there are no neighbors
  • HP Comware - Fixed parsing of TwentyGigE interfaces.
  • HP Comware 5130 - AAA - fixed parsing of server parameters
  • Huawei VRP - fixed parsing of different output for command display info-center
  • Juniper JunOS - Fix parsing firewall filter section - problem with unsupported from action
  • Palo Alto - fix parsing of interface secondary IPs.