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Starting version 6.1.0, IP Fabric supports Forcepoint SMC API. Forcepoint devices are discovered though CLI and only configuration references like security rules are downloaded via the SMC API.

How to Add Forcepoint SMC to IP Fabric

Generate API Token

  1. Log in to the Forcepoint SMC Web UI.

    Forcepoint login page

  2. Generate API tokens

    • Click Configuration.
    • Open Configuration → Administration → Access Rights → API Clients and select New.

    location where to find the API key generation

  3. Add some name for the newly created entry and copy the token. When the settings are saved, the token will be hidden. Also add read access privileges.

    creating new API key

  4. API endpoint needs to be enabled explicitly, as it is disabled by default.

    • Click Home
    • Go to Other section on the left sidebar.
    • Find your management server that you will use to query the data.
    • Go to SMC API section where in the tab, you must enable it, and you can also specify other parameters.

    enabling SMC API

Add Forcepoint to Vendors API in IP Fabric

To add Forcepoint to discovery global settings, go to Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Discovery Settings → Vendors API in IP Fabric, click + Add, select Forcepoint from the list and fill in:

  • Base URL – URL which you specified when enabling the SMC API, for example http://X.X.X.X:8082.
  • Authentication Key – generated authentication API key from the SMC.
  • Slug

    adding vendor

Known Issue

ip_list – Output data cannot be used as when tried, SMC API is returning unusable data.