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The command-line interface is a secondary service interface in IP Fabric VM which serves troubleshooting and testing purposes. For example, for testing authentication credentials from the specific IP address of IP Fabric VM, in case of address-restricted access. The CLI interface is the main tool in servicing the system by the support teams.

The command line also allows the use of the standard networking tools, such as telnet, ssh, traceroute, ping or tcpdump.

From 5.0 release, the osadmin account is no longer restricted to chroot only and has access to the whole system.

The osadmin account has sudo rights with the osadmin password and a standard 5-minute retention.


Password cannot be changed via cloud-init or passwd, please run command nimpee-net-config -t to change osadmin password.


Any action on the command-line interface (CLI) using the root, osadmin, or autoboss account may cause irreversible detrimental changes to the product. Actions taken without direct communication with the IP Fabric Support or Solution Architect teams can render the system unusable.