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LLRN 6.7.3

These are low-level release notes for IP Fabric release 6.7.3. Please note, that this page contains very low-level information about the actual release, which can lead to false conclusions if you don’t have access to the tickets. On the other hand, it can provide valuable information, if you are looking for a particular detail. This release of IP Fabric contains a total of 10 issues.


Anything that we considered an incorrect behavior. Something that was not working as expected or turned out that did not meet customers’ demand.

  • NIM-13473 – Medium – Cisco IOS - Transceivers in VSS - ambiguous command
  • NIM-13766 – High – ACL applied on VLAN not being evaluated in E2E
  • NIM-13790 – High – E2E Callback exception error - PBR “deny” action
  • NIM-13941 – Medium – Cisco SG - not parsing IP addresses from sh cdp neigbor detail output
  • NIM-13942 – High – JunOS - show lldp neighbors no longer being collected
  • NIM-13946 – High – Fix eol data missing fields
  • NIM-13953 – Medium – Junos - show dot1x interface detail without Authenticated VLAN
  • NIM-13955 – Medium – Juniper Junos - show interfaces statistics detail missing sourcePrimaryIpLong
  • NIM-13959 – Medium – Callhome-bugfix: cisco 6.4.0-2 commands/cisco/routingTable
  • NIM-13974 – Medium – Callhome-bugfix: nokia 6.6.1-1 commands/nokia/timos/show/router/ospf/neighbor/detail