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Versa Networks SD-WAN

Starting with version 3.8.0, IP Fabric supports Versa SD-WAN API. API is based on HTTPS authentication.

Since 6.8.0, IP Fabric supports discovering Versa devices in combined (hybrid) mode.

Versa requires the following settings to be applied:

  • Username – Username to Versa Director to access API data.
  • Password – Password to Versa Director access API data.
  • Base URL – Base URL of Versa Director. If the API isn’t available on the default port 9182, add a port part to the URL (e.g., https://server:4443/).
  • Slug

Optionally, you may enable Allow API+CLI combined discovery, which allows the retrieval of data partially using API calls and partially using CLI commands.


OAuth based authentication for Versa Director is not supported.

Known Issue