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Vendor Specific Known Issues

IP Fabric is a read-only platform. However, due to bugs in a vendor’s code, running certain commands may cause unexpected consequences in your environment. If our team has verified a known issue like this, we will disable the tasks for the known affected platforms/versions.

Example: Unexpected Device Issues

Collecting Transceivers information from certain Cisco devices and versions may cause device reloads on certain Cisco versions.

Vendor bugs can also affect collection of data during the discovery process. This can cause downstream issues in the platform affecting not only table data but also graphing and path lookup simulations.

Example: Incomplete Data

A good example of this scenario can be seen on Arista devices running version 4.26.4M where the show spanning-tree vlan detail command stops when it hits a VLAN that is configured but not assigned to any ports.

IP Fabric Known Issues

Also documented here are known issues with the IP Fabric platform itself. These pages provide a possible explanation on the cause of an issue and if applicable a solution(s) to resolve the problem.

Example: Error: AQL: internal error - in index

The documentation page for this error contains two possible solutions to get your IP Fabric instance back up and running (running Maintenance Task and/or restarting ArangoDB).

Bugs that have been fixed are documented on the Releases page either under the Release notes or the Release notes low level.