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Error: Invalid OVF checksum algorithm: SHA256

When importing the IP Fabric OVA image on vSphere/ESXi, the following error might occur:

OVA error

Our appliance is built on top of Debian 11. We also require the AVX CPU instruction. The minimal requirement for the VMware system type is vmx-17, supported by ESXi version 7.0 or newer. See ESXi/ESX hosts and compatible virtual machine hardware versions list (2007240). We require this system type because of virtio drivers for network and storage. All VMware applications from the same generation support SHA256. There is a chance that you might use an older version of the desktop VMware client application, but the host system meets the minimal requirements. In this case, please double-check Hardware Requirements and convert the OVA image from SHA256 to SHA1 or import the vmdk disk.

Make sure you selected VMXNET 3 for network and PVSCSI (Paravirtual SCSI) for storage.

VMware’s KB on converting OVA images: “The OVF package is invalid and cannot be deployed” error when deploying the OVA (2151537).