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Retrieving configurations

This tech note describes how you can retrieve configuration files from IP Fabric’s configuration management capability, to be consumed outside the platform.

You do this in two stages:

  1. send a POST to /tables/management/configuration with a request body like

      "columns":["id", "hash", "hostname", "lastChangeAt", "lastCheckAt", "reason", "sn", "status"]

    You can of course filter that list (for example for devices containing L36) with a key:value pair.

    "filters": {
      "hostname": ["like","L36"]
    Or you can select the range of dates you are interested in:

    "filters": {
      "lastCheckAt": ["gte",XXXXXXXXXXXXXX]
    where XXXXXXXXXXXXXX is the UNIX epoch time representing the start of the time range.

    This gives you the list of saved configurations, and most importantly, the “hash” for each.

  2. send a GET to /tables/management/configuration/download?hash=XXXXXXXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXXXXXXX is the hash for the required config from the list returned in step 1. This returns the plain text of the configuration in question.