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No Devices Discovered


No network devices are discovered when you run Discovery for the first time or after system changes


  1. Check the “Connectivity report” on the Discovery page to see the specific addresses attempted and the reason for the failure.

    1. If the reason reports timeout, IP Fabric has IP address assigned that cannot reach the device. The route may not be present or the traffic may be filtered. Check IP Fabric connectivity with Troubleshooting VM network problems using IP Fabric CLI.

    2. If the reason reports authentication failure, IP Fabric was not able to log in to the device. Check Device Credentials.

    3. Check the “CLI output” file in the Action column of the Connectivity Report to see the full interaction log to help you troubleshoot the issue. Check Fine-Tune SSH/TELNET parameters.

  2. Provide discovery seed address in Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Discovery Settings → Discovery Seeds.

    Seed addresses specify starting points of discovery. If default gateway of IP Fabric VM is not discoverable, you need to specify an IP address or a network to start the discovery. It is recommended to provide IP address of a router as a starting point for discovery. Check Discovery Seeds.

  3. Test the connection manually using IP Fabric CLI.

    Connect to IP Fabric using SSH and attempt to connect to the device using SSH or TELNET using the credentials entered on the authentication page. Check IP Fabric connectivity with Troubleshooting VM Network Problems Using IP Fabric CLI.

  4. If no devices are discovered after checking the Connectivity Report and after entering the Seed addresses, contact support for troubleshooting assistance. Check Contacts.