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The interfaces section provides detailed information about packet counters and undesired network states.

Interface Transmission Rates

Packet loss issues due to errors and drops are detailed for each direction, interface, and device where an issue occurs. Each packet loss issue is assigned an impact rating, based on the amount of productivity impact and the number of affected users, and the ratings range from non-impactful (1-5), to minor business productivity slowdowns (6-9), through to major productivity impacts (10+). The number of affected users depends on the topological location of an issue, with uplinks usually affecting more end hosts than access ports.

The transmission rates of packets per second and megabits per second are presented for each interface and device in each direction.

Interface State

The Half-Duplex table presents interfaces in the Half-Duplex mode. Most network equipment supports and prefers the full duplex setting. There are some exceptions when half duplex operation is necessary, and in such a cases all sides must be consistently set for half-duplex operations.

The ErrDisabled table presents information about interfaces disabled due to violations of operational parameters. Interfaces in an error state should be self-healed by the automatic recovery timers or recovered manually, to ensure no future repeats of the same violation.

Connectivity Matrix

The connectivity matrix maps connection information between devices for the network protocols to form dynamic neighbor relationships. Each direction of the connection is represented on a separate line, therefore a bidirectional connection will be represented by two lines. The table can be filtered by protocol, interface, or hostname.