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Transceivers Task

Task Execution Control

Executing some commands to get transceiver related information may cause issues on some devices. In the worst case, a device may crash and reload. To prevent disruptions of your network, IPF uses a transceiver task execution control system. The task is only executed on a device if

  • The transceiver task is enabled
  • IPF doesn’t classify the device to be affected by any known bug


  • Transceiver task is disabled by default. A user can enable it in IPF settings (see the steps below).
  • Even if the transceiver task is enabled, IPF still prevents its execution on any device that is classified to be affected by any known bug. It is not possible to disable this feature now. See the list of known bugs and their corresponding software and hardware versions.


Although we try to prevent task execution on all software and hardware versions that are known to be affected by any bug, we cannot guarantee that all bugs are patched. For example, a device manufacturer may update their list of devices affected by a certain bug in time, but IP Fabric system may not fully reflect it.

How To Find Transceivers In IP Fabric

Navigate to Technology → Interfaces → Transceivers

IP Fabric menu

How To Enable/Disable Transceivers Task

This function is enabled by default for all vendors and product families. This means that this command is not executed on any device.

The function can be Enabled/Disabled in Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Discovery Settings → Disabled Discovery Tasks.

Transceivers settings

To disable this task, you need to delete the default Transceivers task or edit this default task.

When editing this rule, you select by regex expression on which devices this command should not be executed (so for example if you don’t want to run show interface transceivers command for all CISCO devices, put cisco to the Vendor field. More specific device selection can be done by Family, Platform, Model and Version fields). You can simply test your Regex rules by “Test rules” button.

Edit transceivers rule