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Commands including bash require admin rights

** Known Affected Software Versions**: All

Result: Commands run util bash -c uptime for device uptime and run util bash -c "ntpq -np" for NTP peer server communications will not run without administration permissions.

Long timeout for command show ltm virtual details

** Known Affected Software Version**: All

Description: Command show ltm virtual details may hang for a long time before sending any response back to the user and discovery process can be stopped.

Result: Some F5 devices might not be discovered.

Fix: Test how long it takes to get data for this command via CLI and update Network device session timeout accordingly.

Long or infinite discovery due to restjavad frequent restarts because of insufficient memory

Affected Product: BIG-IP TMOS

For Known Affected Software Versions see F5 documentation.

Description: show ltm virtual details command may cause the restjavad daemon on F5 to restart, causing long or infinite discovery time.

Result: Some F5 devices might not be discovered.

Fix: Increase device memory for restjavad process, see F5 Bug ID 776393.

SNMP passphrases appear to change each time during config backup

Affected Versions: all below 14.1.0 version

Description: When SNMPv3 users are configured with authentication and privacy passwords, the TMSH display of encrypted passwords appears to change at each redisplay. Same applies for getting the configuration file with cd /;show running-config recursive command.

Environment: - TMSH - SNMPv3 - Encrypted passwords

Result: IP Fabric considers every new F5 configuration file as changed.

Fix: Upgrade to a fixed version as noted in Bug ID 532181.