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IP Fabric v4.1

4.1.1 (3rd December 2021)

OVA MD5SUM: 9487074E08641A8FD1C7F0E887B92EA4
OVA SHA256SUM: 901018EE369B630CD80C6438B3A4D0C54F0F3D7BCD9156B9F93087C9B5147ECE

New Features

  • Graphs - allow for selection for nearest neighbors (1st, 2nd, 3rd level of neighbors)

Breaking changes

  • Changed format of payload for API Endpoints /tables/management/changes/*


  • Site Separation - HOTFIX - added button to disable paging, this will allow drop rules among pages.
  • Management / Configuration - can be used only for users with “Discovery” & “Read” privileges.
  • End of Life milestones tables - add URL into CSV export
  • Configuration Management - respect if Telnet is disabled/enabled now
  • Graphs - the nodes can be also searched by SN now
  • Pathlookup - support for Cisco VXLAN anycast gateway added
  • Graphs - Intent Checks overlay - the data in “Show detail” have colored only one column based on the applied report
  • Services - webhook service is correctly started and enabled
  • FTP backup - dropped SSL certification validation for FTP backup, please use SFTP for more secure file transfer

Bug fixes

  • Tables - Management / Changes - fixed filtering in all changes tables.
  • Fixed name of tech support file
  • Graph requests might fail when an incomplete payload was sent.
  • FIX Rediscover action in Connectivity Report
  • Fixed filename of downloaded Techsupport file
  • Routing to Cisco ACI pervasive address fix
  • Fortinet FortiGate - prevented to execute command get system interface transceiver if transceivers task is disabled
  • Cisco - SUP32 based Catalyst platforms - fixed to use show ip igmp interface command to gather IGMP snooping interface related information
  • Cisco ASA/FTD - added show failover command to detect Active/Standby status of unit/context in HA cluster
  • Cisco ASR routers - added support for PTP related commands show ptp clock dataset default, show ptp clock dataset parent domain <domainId> and show ptp
  • Check Point Gaia - fix of missing zoneFw rules for some of the managed firewalls
  • Juniper JunOS - fixed parsing for security with no address books.
  • Cisco - NX-OS - fixed parsing of interface speed on for some nexus switches
  • Cisco NX-OS - commands/cisco/stpMstMapList fixed parsing when mapped vlans are on multiple lines
  • Juniper - fixed parsing of ethernet switching table on QFX switches
  • Fortinet FortiGate - fixed discovery of VDOMs with long name
  • Huawei VRP - Fix OS detection for NetEngine 8000

4.1.0 (15th November 2021)

OVA MD5SUM: 70CF5FCD46262EF621BFC2DCA8895B17
OVA SHA256SUM: DD5F1F0F701974CC8367336DDB7B3877CAAF3BD6DC114BB37C178CD104CA8BA7


If you’re migrating from 4.0.2 to 4.1.0 then you have to reload all your snapshots manually

New Vendor Support

  • Added support for Cisco Viptela


  • Add hostname to Detail tab in the Device Explorer component
  • Changes in POST /snapshots endpoint - the snapshot snapshotName and snapshotNote can be set now
  • End of life database has been updated for Juniper, HP, Cisco, and Fortinet. Also, EOL dates for Cisco Meraki were fixed.
  • Fortinet FortiGate - show Possible device error message in the Discovery issues tab in case that all VDOMs can’t be discovered on FortiGate because of wrong permissions
  • Graphs - the Transit cloud has a different icon now
  • Inventory / Interface - add new column “Original Name” - Non-standardized interface name (hidden by default)
  • Inventory / Interface - column IP now shows the physical address of the interface (instead of virtual IP)
  • Palo Alto pan-os - tasks/_helpers/security/preProcess - added support for application-filter
  • Significant optimization of DB queries for snapshots where exists hundreds of interfaces for a single device.
  • Snapshot download - the file name now consists from following <snapshotName>-<snapshotTime>-<snapshotKey>.tar
  • Snapshot download - the UI has been improved, added snapshot name and snapshot timestamp
  • Snapshot name in the UI - the order of labels was changed, the timestamp is first and the custom name is below that.
  • SSH connection to PaloAlto - confirmation for Do you accept and acknowledge the statement above? fixed. It will allow the discovery of PaloAlto with this confirmation. SSH library was upgraded to new version.

Bug Fixes

  • API /graphs/png endpoint - the PNG export didn’t work - fixed.
  • Arista EOS - added support for rules with DSCP in command show ip access-lists
  • Arista EOS - fixed parsing of show ip virtual-router for another output format
  • Arista EOS - fixed parsing of interface ranges in command show ip access-lists summary
  • Arista EOS - fixed parsing of logging and SNMP information in command show running-config
  • Check Point Gaia - fixed missing zone firewall data for VSX clusters
  • Check Point Gaia - fixed version detection for OS versions
  • Check Point Gaia - policy rule was missing if Install On was set to a group object
  • Check Point SMS - fixed processing of nested inline rulebase layers
  • Cisco - ASA - added support for FWSM detection (support for show version command parsing)
  • Cisco - fixed ACLs parsing in case they contain multiple white characters between keywords
  • Cisco - QoS fixed parsing for nested child service policies
  • Cisco IOS - commands/cisco/vxlan/nvePeers - added support for an additional type of show nve peers command output
  • Cisco IOS-XE - Added exclusion for ACL rule system-cpp-energywise-disc containing bug (CSCue04444) in show ip access-list
  • Cisco IOS-XE - fixed parsing of assigned ACLs from show ip interface command in case of different output format
  • Cisco IOS-XE - fixed parsing of recursive routes with MPLS label.
  • Cisco IOS/IOS-XE - routing table - added support for ICMP redirects and filtering out of possibly down routes
  • Cisco NX-OS - an icon of Nexus 9000 changed to match the icon of Nexus 7000.
  • Fixed advanced filtering in Snapshot Management / Inventory table (OR condition didn’t work)
  • Fixed Interface edge classification for tunnel interfaces.
  • Fixed PNG export for graphs via API request
  • Fortinet FortiGate - fixed empty MAC table
  • HP ArubaCX - added support for another output format of command show interface
  • HP ArubaCX - added support for another output format of command show ip ospf neighbor detail
  • HP ArubaCX - Added support for task vrf
  • HP ArubaCX - Fix parsing for command show ip route all-vrfs
  • HP ArubaCX - fixed parsing of platform in command show system
  • Path lookup - ACI and firewall routing to duplicate IP addresses fix.
  • Router to switch L2 edges - same mac on multiple interfaces fix
  • Table Management / Changes - the column #IP Addresses had always 0 as a value - fixed
  • Versa - standardize duplex values