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Dropping Support For ACL On Cisco Firepower

In IP Fabric v4.3 we are introducing support for Cisco Firepower Zone Firewall feature which extends (to L7) and improves capabilities of IP Fabric to detect and correctly evaluate traffic.

Zone Firewall feature substitutes ACL feature for Cisco Firepower. Therefore ACL feature is no longer available for Cisco Firepower since IP Fabric v4.3.

To discover Cisco Firepower security policies and use Zone Firewall feature in IP Fabric it is necessary to control Cisco Firepower through Cisco FMC (Firewall Management Center) and provide IP Fabric with REST API credentials so that IP Fabric can download all necessary information from FMC.

When there will be no credentials for Cisco FMC proved in IP Fabric, IP Fabric will still be able to discover Cisco Firepower devices, but there will be no security policies collected.