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Cisco APIC

Starting version 5.0, IP Fabric collects information from APIC controller and provides information about Tenants (including Contexts/VRFs, Applications, Endpoint groups and Contracts) and APIC cluster members.

Information about controller is collected via SSH.

Tenants, applications, contracts etc. data are collected via API.

To successfully collect data from Cisco APIC it is necessary to configure Cisco APIC in global Vendor API settings and to add Cisco APIC IP address to the discovery seeds.

Go to Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Discovery Settings → Discovery Seeds and add Cisco APIC IP address.

Go to Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Discovery Settings → Vendors API and click + Add.

Afterwards, choose Cisco APIC from the list and fill in:

  • Username and password used to log in to Cisco APIC

    Username if Local Domain is set on the APIC

    If local domain is set on your APIC controller the format of the username for IP Fabric settings is


    APIC login screen IPF Settings screen

  • Base URL of Cisco APIC, e.g. https://cisco-apic-ip-address

Cisco APIC api add

Know issues

APIC Tables are all empty except Controllers