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Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Generate a private key for your GCP service account

  1. Select a project that you want to create a service account for:

    Select a project

  2. Navigate to IAM & Admin → Service Accounts:

    Navigate to Service Accounts


    Create a service account

  4. Give it a name and click CREATE AND CONTINUE:

    Service account details

  5. Select a role for the account. We recommend to use the Viewer role as it gives only read access to the project. Afterwards, click CONTINUE.

    Grant this service account access to project

  6. In the last step, just click DONE:

    Grant users access to this service account

  7. Search for the account that was just created and select it:

    Select the account

  8. Navigate to the KEYS tab, click ADD KEY and select Create new key. (You can use your own key, but the properties have to be the same as when you generate it. So it is highly recommended to use the Create new key option.)

    Create a new private key

  9. The key type we support is JSON. Click CREATE and the private key will be downloaded to your computer.

    Generate a JSON key

Load the JSON key to IP Fabric

  1. In the IP Fabric GUI, navigate to Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Discovery Settings → Vendors API and click + Add:

    Vendors API

  2. Select Google Cloud Platform from the list.

  3. Move your key to the Drag&Drop area or select it from your computer. And enter the other required information.

    Add Connection