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Snapshots at different time intervals can be compared to find dynamic changes in the network when a snapshot of the network (discovery run) completes successfully.

To enable a periodic discovery run check the Automatic Snapshots configuration.

Comparing changes


To control changes between two discovery runs, go to Management → Changes.

First select the more distant point in time (older snapshot) and then select the second step point after the first one (newer snapshot).

There are four tables available:


This table shows devices that were added, removed, or not changed in a given time period (between two snapshots).

Part numbers

This table checks for changes in individual device components, especially useful for modular devices, and the status can be added, removed, or not changed.

Managed IP

Changes in addressing can cause problems, especially if they are not well communicated between teams, and any changes to the IP address can be seen in this table. Status can be added, removed, or not changed.

Connectivity Matrix

Loss of connection, redundancy or part of the connection capacity can also cause problems. Changes in the connections between devices can be checked here. Status can be added, removed, or not changed.