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Cisco FMC (FTD)

Starting version 4.3, IP Fabric collects zone-firewall related data for Cisco Firepower devices only via Cisco FMC API. Cisco Firepower devices are still discovered via SSH so if Cisco Firepower devices are not managed via FMC they will still be discovered but without security related information.

To discover Cisco Firepower security policies and use the Zone Firewall feature in IP Fabric it is necessary to control Cisco Firepower through Cisco FMC (Firewall Management Center) and add Cisco FMC in global vendor API settings.

Go to Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Discovery Settings → Vendors API and click + Add.

Afterwards, choose Cisco FMC from the list and fill in:

  • Username and password used to log in to Cisco FMC
  • Base URL of Cisco FMC server, e.g. https://cisco-fmc-ip-address
  • Slug

Cisco FMC api add

Known issues

FMC REST API Calls Returns HTTP Error Code 500