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Discovery tasks settings

The Discovery tasks settings feature was first introduced in IP Fabric version 3.5.2 as a fast discovery enablement for large scale networks.

When the Limit discovery to already discovered devices option is enabled, IP Fabric will only use the current Discovery History database (in Management → Discovery History) when creating a new snapshot, without detecting any new network devices.

If this limit is disabled, the discovery process will crawl through the whole network, using the selected methods for new devices detection (ARP, CDP/LLDP, Routing Table records or a Traceroute). Default is to use all available options.

Discovery tasks settings

The feature is especially helpful for large complex networks with already defined device scope to avoid multiple repetitive failed SSH/Telnet attempts that may slow down snapshot creation.

When Limit discovery is enabled, IP Fabric also ignores all new devices from the discovery seeds and new include lists! If you need to discover new device(s) with Limit discovery, please add them manually to the last (or any other) snapshot.