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Routing Analysis

Individual routes

Detailed analysis of individual routes can performed through a cumulative routing table for parameters, such as route presence in a routing instance, next hop redundancy, route source and metrics, or next hop interfaces. Cumulative routing table contains all entries from all routing tables and all VRFs collected from all managed network devices with L3 routing capability. Each line represents a corresponding entry from the source routing table, normalized into a standard terse view. Table can be filtered per site, per device, per route, number of next hops, lowest metric of next hops, or other next hop information. Individual routes can be looked up as a string, or as a route for a specific IP address. For example, IP address of will return routes and, but not

Routing consistency

Routing consistency and stability analysis can be performed using the routing stability table. The table lists all unique routed networks, the number of times route is observed, expressed in absolute and percentage values, and percentage of routes that have next hop age below certain threshold signifying convergence. The table can be used to verify if similar routes are present in the same number of the routing tables, find starting point for troubleshooting convergence, or check route distribution across the network, including verifying presence of a default route.