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Roles enable users to perform actions on system resources (e.g. user-management role with assigned team policy enables users view, add, update and delete Users, Roles, Policies, LDAP Configuration).

Roles page enables you to create or modify roles.

Add Role

  1. To add new role click + Add role.

    Add role button

  2. Then fill the Add role form - set name, description and select policies - and click Save.

    Add role

List of Roles

Roles table lists all roles including their details and enables you to modify or delete them (with exception for built-in admin role which cannot be modified nor deleted).

Roles Table

Edit Role

  1. To modify role details, click edit icon in roles table.

    Roles Table Edit

  2. Then to modify role details update data in Edit Role form and click Save.

    Edit Role

Copy Role

  1. To copy role, click copy icon in roles table.

    Roles Table Copy

  2. Then modify role details in Copy Role form and click Save.

    Copy Role

Delete Role

  1. To delete role, click delete icon in table.

    Roles Table Delete

  2. Then click Delete to confirm action.

    Roles Table Delete Confirm