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Check Point

We use API only to collect information that cannot be retrieved from CLI logs. To discover Check Point devices, CLI access also needs to be available. Check Point requires the following settings to be applied:

  • API Key – Available in version R80.40 and above (API v1.6). To generate the key, use Check Point SmartConsole, and select API Key as user’s Authentication method or
  • Username – Username to access API data
  • Password – Password to access API data
  • Base URL – Base URL for API calls, for example https://management.server.domain.tld. If the API isn’t available on the default port 443, add a port part to the URL (https://server:4443/)
  • Collect following domains – Mandatory only if the Base URL points to a Multi-Domain Server. Please verify, that all selected domains can be accessed by the provided credentials.
  • Slug

Don’t forget to add IPF appliance to the list of allowed clients.

In SmartConsole, go to Manage & Settings → Blades and click Advanced Settings in the Management API section to verify, from where are API calls allowed.

In case that you use setting All IP addresses that can be used for GUI clients, don’t forget to add IPF appliance address to Manage & Settings → Permissions and Administrators → Trusted Clients.

In case you use Multi-Domain server, all necessary settings are in Multi Domain menu (i.e.: Multi Domain → Blades)