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Settings → Administration contains the management of:

IP Fabric also supports Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication. It uses Dex (A Federated OpenID Connect Provider) and requires configuration of Dex service to access 3rd party OpenID providers. This is not yet included in the UI.

For more information, follow Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

IP Fabric uses Role Based Access Control to manage users access to particular resources as well as allow certain actions on the top of those resources.

Foundation for RBAC is list of resources (e.g. Reports, Discovery) and actions on those resources (e.g. Read, Execute).

Those resources are then assigned to Policies which are sets of resources with their actions (e.g. discovery policy allows access to discovery api endpoints).

Policies are then assignable to Roles to enable users assigned to particular roles perform actions on system resources (e.g. user-management role with assigned team policy enables users view, add, update and delete Users, Roles, Policies, LDAP Configuration).