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Versa Networks SD-WAN

Starting with version 3.8.0, IP Fabric supports the Versa SD-WAN API. The API is based on HTTPS authentication.

Since version 6.8.0, IP Fabric supports discovering Versa devices in combined (hybrid) mode.

To add Versa to the global discovery settings, go to Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Discovery Settings → Vendors API, click + Add, and select Versa from the list.

Versa requires the following settings to be applied:

  • Username – Username for Versa Director to access API data.
  • Password – Password for Versa Director access API data.
  • Base URL – Base URL of Versa Director. If the API isn’t available on the default port 9182, add a port part to the URL (e.g., https://server:4443/).
  • Slug

Optionally, you may enable Allow API+CLI combined discovery, which allows the retrieval of data partially using API calls and partially using CLI commands.


OAuth-based authentication for Versa Director is not supported.

Known Issue