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IP Fabric ServiceNow Application Installation and Management

Installing From a Remote Repository


This section requires access to the System Application Studio in ServiceNow. Please reference ServiceNow’s documentation on Importing an Application from Source Control for required roles and more information.

  1. Navigate to the System Application Studio:

    System Application Studio

  2. Select Import From Source Control from the File menu:

    Import From Source Control

    !!! note

     When importing from source control, you need to a set of credentials to access the repository.
     Find ServiceNow's documentation on [setting credentials](
  3. Set the correct URL and Branch:

    Import Application

    !!! note

     The **URL** and **Branch** should be set to the following:
     **URL:** ``
     **Branch:** `main_snow_app`

Installed Tables

The application will install a import set table called Devices, which is viewable under the IP Fabric application menu. Devices can be Inserted, Ignored, or Skipped based on the actions defined in the Transform Map.

Devices table

The name of the installed table is x_1249630_ipf_devices.

Roles Installed by the Application

Role Name
x 1249630_ipf.ipf_incident role

Granting Users Access to the IP Fabric Application in ServiceNow

  1. Navigate to User Administration → Users:

    User Administration - Users

  2. Select the user you wish to grant access to the IP Fabric application, and edit the user’s roles:

    Edit user's roles

  3. Add the role x_1249630_ipf.ipf_cmdb_role_read or x_1249630_ipf.ipf_cmdb_role_write to the user:

    Add role to user

Updating the ServiceNow Application

  1. Navigate to the System Application Studio

    System Application Studio

  2. Select the IP Fabric application:

    Select Application - IP Fabric

  3. Select Apply Remote Changes from the Source Control menu:

    Apply Remote Changes menu option

  4. Confirm the changes with Apply Remote Changes:

    Apply Remote Changes confirmation