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Known affected platforms: all

Description: The Meraki API has limited functionality and doesn’t provide all the necessary data for the IP Fabric model.

These are the known limitations:

  • Multiple Meraki devices can have the same public IP address.
  • CDP/LLDP might be not linked between devices correctly, as the reported port ID doesn’t allow it.
  • CDP/LLDP timespan is 2 hours, so it might not show the actual state.
  • ARP is missing; the MAC table is reconstructed from endpoints.
  • DHCP/STATIC doesn’t provide an IP mask.
  • STP is missing.
  • The routing table includes static routes only for firewalls.
  • Path lookup is not working because forwarding tables are not provided.
  • Can’t add a Meraki device into a snapshot (refresh works).
  • Limited snapshot – Meraki tasks will always be downloaded.
  • MX firewall uplink ports – It is not possible to determine if traffic load balancing is enabled and/or which port is primary and which is backup.