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Juniper Mist

Starting with version 4.4.0, IP Fabric supports the Juniper Mist API.

Juniper Mist devices are discovered only through the API.

Generate API Token

  1. Log in to the Juniper Mist website:

    Juniper Mist login page

    Juniper Mist main GUI

  2. Once logged in, open a new tab in the same browser and go to the API token generation page:

    Create API token

  3. Once generated, the API token can be used in the IP Fabric GUI.

    Create API token - copy generated API token

  4. In the IP Fabric GUI, go to Settings → Discovery & Snapshots → Discovery Settings → Vendors API, click + Add, select Juniper Mist from the list, and fill in the fields:

    Add Connection - Juniper Mist

Known Issues

  • Routing table – In the current setup, there is no routing table for API endpoints, so it is created only from the directly connected routes.
  • ARP table – Cannot be fetched in the current setup as the API endpoint requires higher privileges.
  • Rate limiting – The current rate limiting is 5000 API calls per hour and is reset at the hourly boundary. This can affect discovery speed and accuracy (some devices might not be discovered). If you need more information, please contact Juniper support at