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LLRN 4.3.2

These are low-level release notes for IP Fabric release 4.3.2. Please note, that this page contains very low-level information about the actual release, which can lead to false conclusions if you don’t have access to the tickets. On the other hand, it can provide valuable information, if you are looking for a particular detail. This release of IP Fabric contains a total of 11 issues.


Anything that we considered an incorrect behavior. Something that was not working as expected or turned out that did not meet customers’ demand.

  • NIM-7257 – Medium – HP Aruba CX Logging - fix parsing of persistent storage
  • NIM-7267 – Highest – 4.3.0 OVA build failed
  • NIM-7273 – High – FortiGate - possibly wrong MAC on link agg on cluster unit
  • NIM-7275 – High – Unexpected error in /platforms/vdc/devices table
  • NIM-7276 – Low – Hostname ends with a newline
  • NIM-7279 – Medium – Bugfix: commands/mikrotik/_routeros/interface (4.3.1+1)
  • NIM-7295 – Highest – 4.2.0 migration to 4.3.2+1 fail
  • NIM-7298 – Highest – Can’t show graph with hidden transit or clouds
  • DOS-363 – Highest – Jumphosts on 4.3.1 release does not seem to work


Task may be associated into Epics or Stories to form complex features.

  • NIM-7145 – Medium – Check Point apiUid - make it less strict
  • NIM-7234 – Medium – migration: avoid scheduling the same job multiple times